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"A tattoo should stand the test of time, not fashion."

I hope that through my work, I will have the ability to invoke emotion and breathe life with every tattoo I create. My inspiration is found within many sources; nature constantly provides dynamic, multi-dimensional opportunities for portrayal. The powerful, and distinctive nuances from painters such as Buonaroti, Weyden, Caravaggio, and Tiepolo are great inspiration within themselves. Similarly, I admire more, and more tattoo artists as time progresses. It is amazing how the different influences spark new ideas, and creative spins on work.

In a constant drive for better work, I vow to steadily progress in my artistry. By taking the time to continue learning, I can develop a deeper understanding of the elements I am involved with. Travelling the globe and studying amidst other artists provides a great asset in making sure my integrity and work stay true.